From A-Z: 26 Reasons to Be Happy

So lately I have been trying to be a more positive person. A couple months ago I took an "optimism test" that showed how optimistic I tend to be. Apparently, I am a pretty pessimistic person. That was not much of a shock to me, I knew I was not an overly optimistic person in any sense. As I have been thinking about looking more on the bright side of things I realized that I can't be happy about everything. There are certainly events and things in the world that are downright sad and oppressing. However, there are still hundreds and thousands of reasons to be happy. So here are 26 of my reasons to smile. 


Apples: I know what you're thinking. 'Seriously, Mary, you are starting off you're A-Z list with apple? What is this, kindergarten?' But just think of all the apple related things there are to smile about! Apple pie, apple cider, caramel apples, dried apples, applesauce, and many many more. 


Bees: Yes they sting, but they also create honey. Which is yummy.


Crepes: Never say no to a crepe.


Doughnuts: Cause happiness. 


Eating: This is one of my life passions, so of course it is a reason to smile.


Friday: Best day of the whole freaking week.


Grapes: Have you ever had cotton candy grapes? They are a legit thing, and they are beautiful.


Hawaii: Just yes. 


Ice: I love ice water. Ice water makes everything better. 


Juice: Sometimes water gets a bit boring. 


Kittens: I love cats. 


Llamas: Okay, sloths are better, but llamas still rock. 


Maps: I have a terrible sense of direction. 


Naps: They are a beautiful, beautiful thing. Especially Sunday afternoon naps. Oh yeah. 


Octagons: Stop signs save lives people. 


Pancakes: These wonderful little circles make every morning fabulous. 


Quilts: Grandma made quilts are seriously amazing.


Rain: Chilly, cozy rainy Saturdays are the best.


Sloths: Yes. Just Yes. I could really write a whole post just about sloths. 


Traveling: Exploring our world is magical. 


Umbrellas: Rain is only enjoyable to a certain extent. 


Vowels: They make English much more exciting. 


Water: I love water. I could live off of it. 


X-rays: I have never broken a bone, but you never know.


Yoga: Relaxing (sometimes) and a form of exercise, what could be better?


Zzzzz: Sleep is magnificent.


Hopefully, this list helped you think of some reasons to smile. Wow, that was even cheesier that it sounded in my head. Sorry not sorry. Remember, there are always at least 26 reasons to smile.