Dear Younger Me: 19 Lessons I've Learned in 19 Years

I would like to say that I came up with this post idea all by myself, but in reality I searched "blog post ideas," on Pinterest and this is what popped up. Creativity is not one of my top talents. Anyway here are some things I would tell to my younger self if I could:


1. Drink water


2. Trends are stupid. Everyone moves on and you are left with well, something stupid.


3. Cafeteria food is always going to be terrible, pack a lunch please. 


4. Braces are temporary, and straight teeth are great. I know having braces during senior year seems quite terrible, but trust me, you're going to be just fine.


5. Stop just pinning random stuff on Pinterest, and actually do it!


6. Exercise. Just exercise. Eat healthy too. Develop those habits now, it doesn't get easier.


7. Pop music is usually pretty stupid. 


8. Ride the roller coaster. If only to hold it over your brother's head forever.


9. Someday you are actually going to miss the noise from your brother's drumming. Just kidding! That is an absolute lie.......(love you Jon and Ben).


10. Just do the thing. Unless it's really illegal. 


11. Cut your hair. Enjoy those bangs, cause future you is too lazy for all the maintenance required. 


12. Grandma cardigans are life. Embrace them fully. You will thank me for it.


13. Yes. Being rear ended twice majorly stinks, but you will are going to survive. Although, you may be an overly cautious driver for several years to come ;)


14. Value how easy it is to maintain friendships when you are still in high school. After high school they get scattered everywhere and it's harder.


15. High school will be over before you know it, enjoy what you can out of it. 


16. Save your money. You do not need that shirt. It is ugly. You will regret it when you are broke in college. 


17. College is SOOOO much better than high school, just hang in there. Really.


18. Not everyone is going to have the same beliefs as you. That's okay!


19. Be a friend, to everyone. Except diseased squirrels.