4 Myths About Introverts (aka me!)

If you have read any of my past posts, then you probably know that I am a very proud introvert. I would never want to be anything other than an introvert. However, I believe that many people have some misconceptions about what being an introvert actually entails. Through this post hopefully you will realize that introverts usually are not old reclusive cat ladies who never leave their house (not that being an old reclusive cat lady is the worst thing ever). Although I cannot speak for every introvert out there, here are several misconceptions I have heard about introverts.



Myth #1: I am shy.

This myth is one that really irritates me. I am not shy, i simply don't want to talk about meaningless little things that don't have a purpose. As an introvert, one thing I hate most fiercely is small talk. I see it as pointless, if I really wanted to know what the weather is like I'd look out a window. If I am talking to you it is not because I am afraid or whatever, it is because I just don't want to talk about how it rained last week for 20 minutes. 


Myth #2: I hate people.

I don't hate socializing and hanging out with people, in fact, I actually enjoy it at times. Here's a little (not) secret: there is a key difference between an extrovert and an introvert, and that is how you react to being around people. An extrovert gains energy from being among people, at the end of along tiring day they are more likely to want to be with other people and talk/socialize to unwind. Introverts usually react quite differently! As an introvert, being around people drains my energy. For example, if I want to unwind I will read a book or take a nap (naps are the best). 


Myth #3: I am incredibly socially awkward. 

As an introvert, yes, I can conduct a legit conversation. I know shocking! Sweep up the pieces of your blown mind and keep reading. Disclaimer though, when I say a "legit conversation," it usually includes one or two mentions of a sloth, my baby brother Sam (okay, so he's three and not technically a baby, but whatever), food, how tired and/or hungry I am, and how much I am looking forward to my next nap. Okay, so maybe I am socially awkward, but that has nothing to do with being an introvert. That's just the weirdo I am. 


Myth #4: I am destined to become a librarian and wear turtlenecks all my life.

As I have been realizing my "dream major" wasn't for me, I actually have considered being a librarian (read more about that here). Also, I hate turtlenecks. However, being an introvert does not limit my career options in any way. I could still totally go do anything I want to, unless I decide I don't feel like it (read more about this here). Also, about the turtlenecks; I hate them, they are so uncomfortable and itchy. Why would someone subject themselves to that horror? 


Yay! You read it all (this post really wasn't that long, but yay for you anyways)! Do you view introverts differently now? Have you realized we are not all doomed to live in libraries, choking amid a plethora of turtleneck sweaters? If you did, congrats! If you did not, read this post again and get back to me. I really hate these conclusion paragraph things. I don't really know what to say here, so have a good life. Go hug an introvert.