15 Tips for Packing and Moving into College

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Hey There! What's up? College move-in days are commencing all over the country, and I think being prepared is very important! I believe it is very hard to become over prepared for pretty much anything, which is why I am writing this post! I talked in another post (which you can read here) about how important food is in college. Read that post to get The College Girl's Ultimate Guide to Food! Anyway, another important part of college is packing and moving in! So, I pulled together some of my best tips for you! Enjoy!  

1. Driving to college gives you quite a bit of flexibilty. Your only limitation is how much you can fit into your car! If you are driving to school, don't fold up all of your hanging clothes into a suitcase. They take up way more space than necessary, and wrinkles galore! Instead, keep your clothes hanging on the hanger, and grab some trash bags! Tear a small hole in the bottom, middle portion of the trash bag. Next, take 5-10 items (depending on size) and put the top portion of the hanger through the hole in the bag. Now your clothes should be hanging inside the trash bag. Go ahead and tie the bag shut if you so desire! There you go, easy to hang and wrinkle free clothes! 

2. Avoid under-packing. I feel like everyone focuses on not over-packing, instead of over-packing. Yes, don't pack total junk, but if you think you'll need something, bring it! 

3. When packing clothes in a suitcase, always roll your clothes instead of fold! It takes up way less space, and plus, less wrinkles!.

4.  Evaluate the difference between your wants and your needs! This year I really wanted new bedding in a different color, however my current bedding is totally usable. So, being the real adult I am (hahahahahaha), I didn't buy new bedding. 

5. Pack similar things together. Put kitchen stuff in one box, bedding in another, clothing all together, you get the picture!

6. Label everything with your name! Even (especially) your food! This way you can avoid mixing up your belongings with your roommates. 

7. Also label what is in each box when you pack it. That way you know what exactly you are unpacking when you open that box.

8. Print out some inspirational quotes to hang up in your dorm/apartment/room. I did this my Freshman year, and it was nice having some motivational words on my wall to keep me going.

9. Print out pictures of family, friends, and pets. They can make your dorm or apartment feel more comfortable, and less like a prison cell (if that is what your dorm feels like!).

10. Buy a mattress topper. Sleep is one of the most important parts of life, make sure you can enjoy it! 

11. See if you can find some pictures of your living space online. This way you can really visualize where everything you bring will fit or if it is even worth bringing. 

12. Command hooks will be your new best friend! Just make sure you don't rip your wall apart with them!

13. Keep an open mind when meeting your roommates! First impressions are not really everything!

14. Go easy on the school supples! All you really need is some notebooks, writing utensils, and various other study aids such as index cards.

15. This is a little aganist #14, but just hear me out! Buy nice quality pens! They make take notes a much better process!

I hope these tips give you some ideas for how to pack and move into college! Good luck and let me know how everything goes! Do you have any tips for college packing and moving? Let us know in the comments!